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Five tips of designing kids’ room lights

Kid’s room is important occasion of studying and growing up, it is important for us to choose the Kids Room Lamps, which could influence our vision protection. So which tip could be noticed when purchasing lights.


First choose kid’s room lights
When we choose the adjustable lights for their rooms, if it is with dimming switch which could adjust the light, that would be better. When we are at night, we could adjust the light and directions. When we are at night, we could adjust the light and help kids sleep.

Second cover the shade
If it is with kids room, we could choose light color, at the same time, it could cover the bulb, that could reduce the chance of touching the bulb. In one hand, the high heat bulbs would burn kids, in other hand, the dust would be on the surface of bulb, reduce the bulb life, at the same time, that would cause the boom of bulb.


Third kids light design
Since kids vision is weak, that could not suffer the sunshine directly. At the same time, clear radiation would produce bad influence. Best installation is that, if kids can’t see the bulb, that could be best.

Fourth install cover with base
Kids like to climb, so we have to ensure the socket safe. Ordinary socket is without cover. In order to keep kids safe, we have to ensure the light with cover, or we could take it off socket.

Fifth install multiple sockets
Kids’ room is the secret room, no matter you play the game in the house. Almost is in this room. So the lighting equipment is everywhere in the kids’ rooms. We also need install some sockets for computers and other machines, avoids the over load of the equipment.